Travel day from Tucson to Benson,, our new home for a week

A short update,, Friday 3-15-13 was a short travel day for us again, imagine that LOL!!

We got up and said our,, see ya down the roads,, to the neighbors while packing things up getting ready to roll down the road and enjoyed the nice morning.

Diane took jack for his morning walk and while out picked a few more grapefruit that grow on the trees in the campground. There are so many that just fall the ground that it’s a shame to see them go to waste.

When Diane returned with Jack we headed up to the clubhouse to have a buffet breakfast before leaving. They put on a pretty good spread for only $5.95.

By that time we had killed enough time and it was time to head to our new home in Benson Arizona.

We are staying at the Saguaro RV Park in Benson. It’s a pretty nice place on a hillside just outside of town with some nice views of the Dragoon Mountains.

The park is only about 22 miles from Tombstone (everyone knows about Tombstone) and 50 miles from Bisbee,_Arizona and a short distance from the Kartchner Cavers.

I also have been told there is a good jeep trail just outside Tombstone that takes you through the Dragoon Mountains that gets you up close and personal with the historic route that was used by the US Cavalty to travel from Fort Bowie to San Pedro Valley during the later half of the nineteenth century.

So we have a few things to do while we are here along with some events that happen here at the park like happy hours every evening at 4pm in the clubhouse and a poker tournament that happens on Tuesday night.

It is supposed to be hot again today,, in the low 90’s but is supposed to cool to the low 80’s starting tomorrow with the lows in the mid 40’s at night. Sounds perfect to me!!

We have paid for a week here and then plan to head into New Mexico but looking at the extended forecast the weather looks a lot nicer here than it does in New Mexico next week so only time will tell. I’d rather stay here longer and enjoy the warm temps instead of going someplace that the night time temps are dropping to the low 30’s. We are in NO HURRY after all.

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One Response to Travel day from Tucson to Benson,, our new home for a week

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hope you’re having a great vacation! Come on back to Tuscon anytime 🙂

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