The Desert Museum outside Tucson Arizona

Wednesday 3-13-13 I had the alarm set for 6am so we could get a early start to the day. We wanted to be at the Desert Museum by 8:30 when they open .

And that’s exactly what we did.

The Desert Museum had so much to see that we stayed busy all day. Of course we had to plan our day just a little so we could be at the Free Flight exhibitions at 10am and 2pm. They really are the highlights of the whole day. Here is a link about the free flights.

About 11 we decided it was time for some lunch. And we heard about a Prickly Pear margarita that we just had to try so we headed to the Ocotillo restaurant.

Diane ordered chicken taco’s and I ordered fish taco’s and of course we both ordered a margarita.


Fish taco's

Fish taco’s

I don’t know why Diane ordered the drink though because every time she has the margarita mix it makes her ill. But that just meant I had mine and over half of hers to. So it worked out for me lol!!

These margarita’s were ok but didn’t hold a candle to the ones we had in Casa Grande made with pineapple and mango. And the taco’s were pretty good but I would have been fine with a burger and a beer.

There is so much at the museum that it would take pages and pages to talk about it all so check out the links above. I’ll just share some pictures and let them do the talking. And I would highly suggest that if your in the Tucson area to make a point of paying the park a visit. And plan the day,, it will take a good chunk of it to see it all.


That bear was sleeping until I sneezed LOL Then it raised it's head to check things out.

That bear was sleeping until I sneezed LOL Then it raised it’s head to check things out.

IMG_4045 IMG_4056 IMG_4064 IMG_4068

Big Horn sheep

Big Horn sheep

A humming bird in it;s nest

A humming bird in it;s nest

IMG_4077 IMG_4081

Cleaning the feathers off it's prey before it eats.

Cleaning the feathers off it’s prey before it eats.

It has it's prey in it's mouth

It has it’s prey in it’s mouth

The temps were in the low 90’s so by the time we left the museum we were beat. So we headed home and sat inside the RV where the air conditioner was running and watched a movie in the coolness.

After the movie we went outside where it had cooled off nicely and a great breeze had kicked up. After a short while we were visited by some people just down the road who are also full time Rvers and had a great chat.

It’s amazing how many people are full timers on the road. And it seems everyone has been on the road 5 years or more on average. Hmmm,, I wonder where we will be in 5 years LOL!!

Speaking of people on the road for long periods of time…. Today marks 4 months for us!!! Not very long at all compared to most but we feel it’s pretty neat for us. 4 months and it really only feels like a few weeks.

Thursday we have a guy coming buy to install some wheel covers on the motor home. One of the things that are hard on tires is the sun and heat so keeping them shaded while parked sure can’t hurt. These covers will attach to the RV and drape down in front of the tire instead of wrapping around them. I like this way because it protects the tire yet allows for good air flow around the tire. Plus I like the look LOL!! Buying the slip on covers certainly would be cheaper but for some reason we never seem to do things the cheapest way.

Friday we will leave this park and head someplace close to Tombstone and Bisbee plus it is supposed to be 95 degrees Thursday so we will probably have a kick back day and do some laundry and cleaning and hang out with Jack. Maybe go for another driving tour.

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One Response to The Desert Museum outside Tucson Arizona

  1. Kyra says:

    The Desert Museum is great! My favorite was the raptor free flights! I’m glad you two enjoyed it also.

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