Last day in Casa Grande

I’m glad we toured the Casa Grande Ruins Thursday because Thursday night the weather took a turn for the worse. Some heavy rain came accompanied by a pretty good lightning and thunder show and some wind.

By morning the worst had passed but it was certainly cooler and we had no sun. So Friday was a perfect day to go check out some shopping around town.

Diane and I are not very good shoppers,, or maybe we are LOL!! Because we spent a good part of the day in the mall and a few other shops but all we bought was a pair of sunglasses for Diane.

Since our shopping outing we really have not done much other than some walks, bike rides, visiting with others in the park and watching a little TV and researching where we might want to wonder to next. The weather Friday and Saturday just made you want to kick back and be lazy. And that’s ok LOL!!

Today (Sunday 3-10-13) the sun is out but not the warm sun we had earlier in the week.

We had a pretty good time while here. The people are all friendly and as parks go this one was fine but it’s about time to move on. Tomorrow we will head to Tucson for 4 days. There are a couple places we have in mind to see before we head towards Bisbee. I say towards because we don’t know where we will stay in that area yet but we want to do the Queen Mine Tour,, see Tombstone and the Kartchner Caverns before heading into New Mexico.

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