Casa Grande


I think we lived up to everything I said we were going to do on Tuesday.  I woke up a little extra early and sat my butt down in front of the computer and got busy finishing my taxes. I was partially done so it didn’t really take me that long once I set my mind to it.

I must have influenced Diane because before you knew it she was also knee deep in her own paperwork LOL!! And like a trooper after a few choice words and a few phone calls she had everything ready to send her taxes off to her CPA back in Grants Pass.

I have always told Diane that I would do almost ANYTHING for her EXCEPT her taxes (We file separately). There is no way that I’m taking a chance on screwing up her taxes. Mine I could live with and take my own lumps. But not someone else’s.

After I finished my taxes I took the jeep up to the carwash. And what a piece of crap it was. Where the hose connects to the arm at the roof that rotates as you walk around your rig (you know what I’m talking about) leaked horribly and sprayed me the entire time!! Oh well, lucky it was already in the mid 70’s by that time LOL!! But I must not have minded because I didn’t switch bays on my second batch of quarters,, or I’m just a idiot. (that’s one thing you all can avoid commenting on)

After the car wash I made my way home and started on the inside of the jeep. It seemed like I worked forever on the jeep and it could still use a few more finishing touches.

After everything was done, taxes, jeep, cleaning the RV ect. we made a run to the grocery store to stock back up on food and to get Diane’s tax stuff in the mail.

Pretty exciting stuff huh ??!! It had to be done.

Then Wed. came around and after our morning routine we hit the road to do a driving tour of Casa Grande and to get a lay of the land.

We headed right to old town and scoped that out a bit,, nothing to exciting.

Diane wanted to buy a new pair of tennis shoes and hiking boots so we headed towards a outlet mall we heard about. Once we found the mall and entered the parking lot we couldn’t believe our eye’s,,,, another mall that didn’t make it through the hard times. There were 2 stores left out of roughly 30 store fronts. Diane was deflated,, she said now she would probably have to wait until we get to Tucson (probably our next destination). Surprising enough there was a unmanned visitor center still in the mall so we grabbed some info about Casa Grande and headed out for some more driving.

It wasn’t long until we found the thriving and robust part of Casa Grande!! There were all kinds of shopping and restaurants to be had!! And the traffic to go with it. We just kept driving and checking thing out until we crossed over the freeway and there it was,,,,, the largest mall we have seen since we had been in Portland Oregon in Oct. 2012 LOL!! It was huge!! All of a sudden Diane had a new spark and I was the one deflated,, it will take a good part of a day to go through that darn thing LOL!!! Just kidding,, I need a couple things as well.

The weather is supposed to be not so great on Friday so I think that will be a good mall day followed by the open air market downtown Friday night from 4 to 7.

But Thursday will be our day for the Casa Grande Ruins.

However the best part of the day was yet to come. When we arrived home we noticed we had a couple new RV’s in the area and one was a Born Free. It turned out to be Kyra!! If you remember Kyra was with us at the boon docking rally and also went to the Organ Pipe National Park.

It was a surprise seeing her here. She was the first in the group to leave Organ Pipe and headed to a Born Free Rally in Tucson and was traveling from Tucson to Phoenix and decided to stop over here for a night.

Kyra came over to our place for dinner and a drink and conversation before we all called it a night. She had to get up early and get on the road to Phoenix the next Thursday morning.

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2 Responses to Casa Grande

  1. Alan Howeth says:

    I understand that “shopping,” thing at the mall. But I want you to think about this. When my wife of 42 years passed away, one of the things I missed the most was getting to go shopping with her. Now realize I didn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, feel that way before her passing. It is strange the things you miss, and wish you could have back.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks for your reply Alan and I’m sorry to hear about your wife.Diane went through a cancer scare a couple year back now and that is a big part of why we took off fulltime when we did. Live life while you can thing. when she was going through all of her cancer stuff and during a long 6 hour surgery I certainly thought about the things I would miss if anything ever happened to her and how I wanted to treat her even better than I have in the past. So I certainly don’t have a problem spending time at a mall. Thruth be known I some times enjoy it myself LOL,, they ussually have a food court and ice cream LOL!! Have a great day!! Dave > Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 12:34:43 +0000 > To: >

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