Travel Day to Casa Grande

Monday 3-4-13,, our travel day from Organ Pipe to Casa Grande RV Resort in Casa Grande Arizona.

As I had my morning coffee I stood outside and enjoyed the pure quiet of the park. Interrupted only by the sounds of a few birds. This is one of those special places that I think we both hate to leave. It has the natural beauty that we both love, the hiking is great, it’s not a packed commercialized park, the night skies are filled with stars that you can see without all of the city streetlights taking away from the view and for us you can’t beat the $6 per night with the Old Fart pass LOL!!!

But it was time to move on and see new things so after breakfast Diane got the inside read for travel and I took care of the outside duties. When it came time to fire up the engine and lift the Jacks Diane took Jack for his morning walk. He gets a little anxious when those things are happening.

When she returned we made our way to David and Maxine’s camp site to say our,, see ya down the road’s. David and Maxine are working there way west and we are working our way east but I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Then it was time to hit the road so we made our way to the dump station to take care of the dreaded tasks and then away we went!!

We had a pretty short travel day again, that seems to be our norm LOL!! But we had to go through 2 border patrol check stations that added a little to our day. One was pretty fast but the other had a guy that seemed to be pretty chatty and added some time to the process.

All in all it took about 3 hours for us to pull into our new digs here at Casa Grande RV Resort. It seems pretty nice so far. It has a couple swimming pools, hot tub, billiards room and all of the goodies that we don’t really care a bunch about but with the Passport America card it’s only $15 per night so we won’t complain.

Plus our mail was waiting for us when we arrived. So now we can take care of our taxes while we are here,, oh boy. And Rich sent us our new tags for the motor home (THANKS RICH!!), our old tags expire the end of March.

I have mixed emotions. After being in the boonies for the last 3 weeks away from the crowds and any noise I always hate going to a (park). Then on the other hand after spending 3 weeks in the boonies with no hookups,, no real way to do laundry, military showers ect. It’s almost like going to a 5 star resort when you roll in and have full hookups again LOL!!

This park really isn’t very big and everyone seems friendly so I’m sure we will enjoy our stay.

Once settled in and some laundry was taken care of we went up the road to Eva’s Mexican restaurant for dinner. I’m not a big Mexican food fan but it is Diane’s favorite and we hadn’t really gone out to eat in 3 weeks so I figured a treat was in order. And a treat it was!! Even I was impressed and I think I had the best burrito I have ever had!

We spent more money on 2 of those drinks than we did our meals but BOY they were good!!!

We spent more money on 2 of those drinks than we did our meals but BOY they were good!!!

After dinner we made our way home and watched a little TV but we were both beat for some reason so it was a early to bed night.

Tuesday is just going to be a get stuff done day. I’m going to get my taxes done and filed, Diane is going to get hers sent off to her accountant, I’m going to get the jeep cleaned up (it hasn’t had a bath in over 3 weeks and the desert has made her a mess), we are going to do a good cleaning inside the RV and we want to get laundry ALL caught up and we probably need to hit a grocery store. Then we can think about doing some sight seeing around Casa Grande Wed.

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6 Responses to Travel Day to Casa Grande

  1. Kelly says:

    Enjoying your blog! Hopefully we will be following in your footsteps next winter! 🙂

  2. We know what you mean about having having the hookups after going without for so long. We just pulled into Yuma and I think we have everything turned on. Lol…We ended up hiking both Estes Canyon and Bull pasture. What a great hike. The margarita looks awesome!

  3. Alan Howeth says:

    I know what you mean about being spent after boon docking for so long. It seems that something in me just doesn’t rest while I am doing things like that. Then when I reach a place with full hook ups or attain my final destination, that, what ever it is, relaxes and I crater for a while! 🙂

  4. Coleen Harman says:

    What a fun post. Love reading of your adventures. Sounds like soooo much fun. Wish Lee would love doing something like that.

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