Last full day at Organ Pipe National Park

First let me say that I have gone back and added photo’s to our previous posts on the Organ Pipe National Park.

Sunday 3/3/13 , our last full day at Organ Pipe.

After another basic start to the morning we made our way over to Gina’s to say our,,, see ya down the roads.

Yep,, today Gina, DJ, Howard and Linda and Steve & Esther were leaving. So everyone gathered and shared hugs and handshakes and went on there ways.

That just left David and Maxine and Diane and I from the boondockers rally hanging around.

We didn’t do much,, just licked back and enjoyed the quiet of the park most of the day.

After dinner we went to another talk at the open air theater at 7. The topic was the Saguaro cactus. It was a very warm night and only a slight breeze and the speaker did a great job. All good ingredients for a fun and educational evening.

BUT LOOK at these pictures I took right before the talk!!

IMG_1984 IMG_1983 IMG_1982

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4 Responses to Last full day at Organ Pipe National Park

  1. We have really enjoyed your posts from OP. We wished we would have come down with the rest of you but work called and we came back to Phoenix. We made the last minute decision to redo the inside of the RV. It sounds like you all had a great time. It was great meeting you two at the Boondocking Rally and we hope that we will meet again ‘down the road’.

  2. Lar says:

    Looks like your best stop yet. I could use some of that dry warm desert weather right now.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yep,, I would agree that it was at the very top for places we have been so far. Right there with it has to be Death Valley,, it was a great place also but the camping spot at Organ Pipe was great! If I could send some of this weather your way I would,, it was 80 yesterday here in Casa Grande but I see a few clounds in the sky this morning. Dave> Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 13:33:37 +0000 > To: >

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