Organ Pipe National Park day 2


It sure was a quiet night here in Organ Pipe last night. We slept great!!

We woke and did our normal routine of coffee and cereal and walking Jack and then wandered over to the SOLO CAFÉ and chatted with the group for a while. ( there are 4 single people that travel alone in there own RV and they cook breakfast outside every morning and invite who ever wants to show up. They call it the Solo Café. And they put on a good spread)  They all gathered for breakfast at 9 but Diane and I don’t seem to get around very fast in the mornings at times LOL!!.

After visiting with the others everyone split up and started there own day. I think the solo’s decided to make it a kick back day because they,, well,,, had a fun night of straight shots it seems LOL. And Linda, Howard and Esther and Steve did the 21 mile driving tour. Diane and I decided to take a 3 mile round trip hike to the visitor center.

The hike to the visitor center was a easy one but scenic as it wandered through the desert. And the visitor center was pretty nice and had a short film and a area with numerous displays that we meandered through. There was also a small walking trail behind the center that showed off many of the cacti found in the area.

After our walk we settled in and read some of the literature we picked up at the visitor center and I think I might have dosed off for just a little while LOL!!!

Then another walk with Jack and a BBQ rounded out the evening followed by a little TV.

Once again I wish I could send photo’s with these updates but my Verizon is running at 1g and is way to slow to be uploading pictures so I will be doing a large update when we get to,,, well where ever it is we end up after here LOL!!

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One Response to Organ Pipe National Park day 2

  1. Karen and Bob says:

    Keep the updates coming! Looking forward to seeing your pictures. I’m really enjoying ready about your travels and experiences. Keeps me excited about wrapping up this work stuff and shifting gears to a travel career.

    Catch up with you again soon

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