Travel day to Organ Pipe National Park

Monday 2/25/13 rolled around and the wind that howled all day Sunday had gone away and the sun was bright. A perfect travel day.

We rolled out of Saddle Mountain RV Park at 10am and headed east on I-10 and then took highway 85 south through Gila Bend, Ajo and Why Arizona and traveled on to Organ Pipe National Park.

IMG_3950 IMG_3948

Ajo looked pretty interesting and I think we will stop there on our way out of this area and take a little tour.

I have never seen so many border patrol rigs in my life!! Every 3rd car we past was Border Patrol it seemed. But I guess there has been a little heavier activity around the area so patrols have been beefed up. In fact part of the park has been closed off to civilians. And the campground we are in now is just 4 miles from the border. In fact we can look out our front window and see Mexico so I guess I’m happy they have beefed up patrols LOL!!

As far as the campground goes it’s GREAT!! There is no power, water or septic at the sites and you can run generators from 8am to 10am and from 4 to 6pm. The spaces are ample and separated by cactus and other natural plant life. There is a dump station and a place to take on water.

There are also a few hiking trails ranging from 1 to 5 miles. Diane and I walked the 1 mile trail today but we certainly will walk the others while we are here. I would highly recommend this campground if you find yourself in the area.

A added treat to being here now is that a few others that where at our Boon docking Rally in Quartzsite are here as well. 10 of us in fact. I’m not sure how long everyone plans to stay but Diane and I will probably be here for 7 days and leave next Monday.

I wish I could send pictures with this update but I’m only getting 1g internet and even that is very intermittent. I’ll be lucky to even get this update sent. But when we leave and get to a area with better coverage I will be sure to send a bunch of photo’s.

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One Response to Travel day to Organ Pipe National Park

  1. Richard King says:


    I am sure that you will really enjoy the drive through the section of the park across the highway. We stayed there on the way out of Mexico a couple of years ago, and it is a nice park.

    Safe travels,

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