The early birds to the ralley

OK!!! The rally is underway!!

Saturday Linda and Howard rolled in and as I expected had picked a spot just a stone throw away from where Steve and Diane and us where camping. In fact it was about 100 yards from where Diane and I camped through New Years.

My Diane was out walking Jack so Steve and his Diane and myself went over to say our hello’s.

Linda and Howard had a idea to take 150’ of rope,, stretch it out and create a circle to use as a guideline to park the RV’s as they came in. As it turned out it seemed to be way to much of a hassle so it was abandoned and Steve and Diane and myself returned to our rigs to get ready for the big move LOL!!

By that time Diane and Jack were back and we made short work of the move.

Once settle in Howard had a load of firewood delivered and we decided how many pits to build , which turned out to be 3, and just where to place them. We figured with what could be close to 80 people around the fire at night having just one ring would not be adequate.

Then it was time to do the work. Howard drove his truck to a very large existing ring and we stripped it clean and used that rock to build our 3 pits.

As we worked away the 2 Diane’s came by and wasn’t completely satisfied with how round are pits were turning out so the pitched it to make sure we did it right.

After the pit building Linda recruited the two Diane’s to help put name badges in holders along with a couple other tasks.

Of course we couldn’t build the pits around where the fire wood had been dropped so we loaded some up in Howard’s truck and did a nice stack closer to them.

Ten it was time for a bite to eat until I saw Steve out there cutting kindling. I couldn’t let him have all the fun so I grabbed my hatchet and went to lend a hand.

During the kindling cutting Steve mentioned that it had to be close to happy hour!!! By golly he was right!!! So we headed back to our RV’s to grab a adult beverage and met out by the fire pit. It wasn’t long and we were joined by Linda and Howard and another early bird couple Melba and Jim.

IMG_3764 IMG_3763 IMG_3760

Now I’m not sure and I’ll admit I don’t keep very good track of time any longer but I think we sat down at the pit around 3pm and we didn’t make it back to the RV until close to 8 for dinner. Diane and I were both starved by then.

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One Response to The early birds to the ralley

  1. Lar says:

    Yupp!…I can see Diane’s touch on the firepits. Lucky you had her along. Magic happens when sitting around a nice outdoor fire, have fun.

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