Getting ready for the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally

I know we have not updated for a couple days but not a bunch has been happening. Just normal stuff. Normal other than flying my new RC helicopter.

I have done a pretty good job of not busting it up yet LOL!! But it has had it’s fair share of crashes. It doesn’t take much of a breeze to hamper the way it handles. I even got brave enough to hook my GoPro camera to the bottom of it and sending it up. I’m hoping it will provide some pretty good aerial pictures of areas we camp in the future.

Test flight with a gopro attached

Another test fright photo

Another test fright photo

We knew our RV-Dreams Boondocking Rally was right around the corner so we did a good cleaning while we had hookups and did our grocery shopping. One thing we felt we missed the last time we stayed in Quartzsite was the ability to find a good grocery store without driving 45 miles so we wanted to stock up.

Friday 2/8/13 rolled around and it was time to head to Q. The Rally does not start until Sunday but I have had enough of the huge Rv park experience for a while and just wanted to get back to the desert.

Steve and Diane (a couple we met at another RV Dreams Rally in Harrisburg Oregon) posted on a site that they were going to be in Quartzsite early as well.. GREAT!!

We took our time getting ready to leave. We finally rolled out at 11 o’clock but it was a short drive so no big deal.

Once we pulled into Quartzsite we headed to Plomosa road and found where Steve and Diane were parked and settled in about 4o yards away for the night. We will both be moving tomorrow when Linda and Howard show up and lead us to the actual gathering spot.

Steve and Diane wasn’t home when we pulled in so we just kicked back and made ourselves comfortable.

When they arrived home we chatted a min. and decided to get together for happy hour. We went to there RV and sat inside out of the wind and had a couple adult beverages and a good chat. I think we strolled back home close to 7:30,, made dinner and watched a little TV the remainder of the evening.

We are looking forward to a great time at the rally over the next couple weeks!!

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2 Responses to Getting ready for the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally

  1. Lar says:

    Photos from the air, wow, now you do have it all. Congrats Dave. We have had some garden weather the past couple days, so I got the garden tilled and cleaned up, some seeds started in the greenhouse. Heard from Don, he is ready to plan a ride for this summer, not sure where yet, hopefully we can rondevous with you guys somewhere along the trail.

  2. Alan Howeth says:

    The air photos were great and very interesting. This is my first visit to your site but I like it. You’re doing a good job. Keep it coming!

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