A few more days in Yuma

Things have been pretty mellow for us the last few days. We have been doing our normal walks and bike rides throughout the day.

One day we did go do a 4 mile nature walk through some wetlands along the Colorado river. It was really pretty uneventful.

We did go play a round of golf here at the RV park Saturday.

And we went to the casino Sunday to watch the Super Bowl and eat dinner.

Oh,, there is one other thing LOL!! We have been seeing these guys selling remote control helicopters at a couple shows and I have been having a itch to pick something up to mess with as a hobby again so I broke down and bought 2. One is a small cheap trainer because I have never flown one before and I didn’t want to jump right in and break one of more value.

Diane signed up to golf with a ladies group on Monday and had a great time while  I opted to sit at the club house and have a beer then go kick back at the Rv until it was time to go pick her up. I was a little slow from last nights Super Bowl party at the casino so a slow day felt good. Some how when it was time to go pick her up I got there to early so I had to have another beer LOL!!

And today was my birthday so we went out to dinner then came home to kick back.

So like I said,,, pretty mellow the last few days.

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One Response to A few more days in Yuma

  1. lar says:

    Damn…..we missed your birthday? I’ll send you something next week, or, the week after, LOL. How many of those “Kick back” days can a guy stand? I could use a couple, maybe when it warms up and I don’t have to haul so much firewood, you remember those days, right?
    Have fun, lar

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