Last days at Indio

Sunday 1-13-13 was going to be a busy day. Well not really busy for us personally but busy as far as people being around our RV doing installs. So we just had to hang around.

At 8:30 am Davis Cabinets came by to start the install on our new MCD shades. They worked from 8:30 to about 1 doing the install. They turned out great. We were so tired of dealing with the original day/night shades that came with the RV and the strings that kept breaking. MCD is the top of the line shade manufacture and for the price they better last!!

MCD night shade

MCD night shade

MCD day shade

MCD Day shade

Right as Davis Cabinets were finishing Gene from Ruffnit RV came by to install our new Sea level gauges. Our fresh water and propane gauges worked well but it’s not uncommon for the grey and black tank sensors to get all gooked up, The original sensors are inside the tanks and the new Sea Level sensors are outside the tanks so things can’t catch on them and give false readings. And the original monitor had lights that showed ¼ ½ ¾ and full where the new monitor shows percentages. A little more precise. This install took about 2 hours.

Lucky for us the weather was good so we were able to spend a lot of the day kicked back outside.

And the park itself was very busy. At one time I counted 14 motor homes lined up to get checked in.

And in the middle of everything Bob and Karen had to vacate the park and head home. We had a great time visiting and sight seeing with them but the time together was way to short. They plan to meet up with us again in mid Feb. in Quartzsite so we will see each other again soon.

The day was so occupied that we didn’t plan anything for dinner and I have been craving Chinese for weeks so we headed to Canton Bistro for dinner. Once we got there we realized that it was a very nice restaurant and very busy. The wait was long so we decided to place a order to go and head back home to eat. If anyone is ever in the area and hungry for Chinese I would recommend them.

1-14-13 Monday came around and because it will be our last day with full hookups and the last day we will have any real food stores close by for a week we decided we should make one last trip to the store. We are meeting roughly 50 Rver’s in the desert over the next week and there are a couple pot lucks planned so we have to be prepared. I also decided to make a crock pot full of stew. That will make a few good easy meals for a couple days.

So Tuesday we will drive about 3 hours and go back to boon docking in the desert until the 21st.

I might add that we really enjoyed our stay in this area. 2 weeks was plenty but we would have no problem spending a month here.

Bob sent me a couple pictures that he took during our hiking day and it was such a great dat I thought I would go ahead and share them.

Indian_Canyon_compressed_IIII[1] Indian_Canyon_Compressed_III[1]

Karen, Diane and me,, (Dave)

Karen, Diane and me (Dave)

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