Indian Palm’s Canyon hike day.

Friday 1/11/13 was another blue sky day. The winds from Thursday have subsided and are almost forgotten.

We had plans to go hiking in Palm Canyon outside of Palm Springs Ca. with Karen and Bob.

So after everyone woke,, had breakfast. Packed a lunch and walked the dogs (no dogs allowed on the trails) we met at Bob and Karen’s campsite.

While loading up Bob’s jeep Steve came out and we all stood around and had a good chat. Steve and Diane had another full day planned with family so we parted ways and headed for our short drive to Palm Canyon.

We learned of the Palm Canyon area from another blog that we follow written by Linda and Howard of the RV-Dreamers web site. There write up and pictures made it look and sound like a great place to visit. And it certainly was!!

We didn’t get a real early start to the day so I think it was around 11 before we were ready to hit the first trail so we decided to take a easy 1 mile loop to start with and have lunch after it then head out on the next trail.

The first trail was really easy but very scenic. It was a great appetizer for the day.

Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon outside Palm Springs Ca.

Palm Canyon outside Palm Springs Ca.

Karen and Bob

Karen and Bob (Rving buddies!!)

After our first hike we went back to the jeep,, grabbed our lunches and found a picnic table in the sun with a great view overlooking Palm Springs.

After lunch we headed out on our second hike of the day that was a 4 mile hike with a mixture of easy and moderate areas. And again a very scenic hike with many water crossings. And let me say,, there are many trails that we didn’t get to do and I would love to go back again.

What a bunch of hams!!!

What a bunch of hams!!!

One of many water crossings on our hike

One of many water crossing on our hike


Palm Canyon outside Palm Springs Ca.

Palm Canyon outside Palm Springs Ca.

Once our hiking was done for the day we headed back home. I think we all felt a little tired and fulfilled at the same time.

Once back home we made a lasagna and Karen and Bob came over for dinner followed by a short happy hour. It was a great day!!

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