Still hangin in Indio

I guess I better at least check in. It has almost been a week since our last update.

We have mainly just been enjoying the dry warm weather,, going for bike rides and walks,, playing a little pool,, enjoying the hot tub,, chatting with various folks in the park,, going on a few short drives around the area. Just chillin.

Yesterday we did walk to the fairgrounds and attended the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Ass.) rally. I don’t know how many coaches are parked at the fairgrounds but there are a ton of them.

They have a few RV dealers with a bunch of RV’s to walk through. (Don’t ask me if Diane and I fell in love with anything or not!! But that Tiffin 42’ bath and a half unit sure would be great to continue our travels in LOL!! We did play the #’s game a little while but decided it would be wise to hang on to our cash). And there are lots of venders inside selling everything from head gear to tires and everything in between. We did buy a new water hose and a sea level gauge set to replace the pain in the ass sensors that came with our RV. So Sunday will be a busy day here with the new MCD shades AND the new sensors being installed.

We had heard that strong winds were predicted yesterday but when we took off walking to the rally at 8:30 is was nice,, shorts, tee shirt and sandals for me. Shortly after walking into the big tent the winds started!! And it was pretty crazy. That tent was really flapping and displays we being blown over. You could feel a slight sense of concern in the air. It was still blowing hard when we walked home. Lucky for us the wind was to our backs but the blowing sand caused some tingles on my bare legs LOL!!

Wed. Diane and Steve who we met at the Harrisburg RV dreams Rally showed up in the park. They have family in the area. And Karin and Bob who we also met at the same rally brought there RV down to spend a few days with us and show us around!! It’s great seeing everyone again.

After a couple adult beverages and some chatting Bob, Karen, Diane and I decided go out for dinner. Steve and Diane had plans with family but I’m sure we will all catch up for a happy hour. Bob and Karen knew of a nice place to go and Diane is always happy to not have to deal with cooking as she says LOL. And dinner out with friends is always a good combination in my mind.

Bob drove and we headed to Tommy Bahamas’ in Palm Desert. We had a great meal,, and a great time chatting.

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