Indian Waters in Indio

After spending a couple days in Indio and getting a lay of the land we like it fine. Saturday Jan. 3rd we packed up the Jeep and headed for Hwy 111 which connects pretty much everything together here along with I-10.

We planned mainly for a driving tour taking notes of where we wanted to go back and visit. Having Jack along we have to plan a little more with the warm weather. When it gets in the 70’s I hate leaving him in the Jeep. So we pick our spots and then leave him in the motor home while we go back and visit.

We took hwy 111 through Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs and some of Cathedral City. We also found a few spots and ventured off 111 to tour different areas. There sure are some pretty spots. I’m sure most of them are above our means. I’m not sure the jeep knew how to act being surrounded by Porches, Mercedes, and Bentley’s the way it was so much of the day LOL!!! But I think they gave it’s big ass bumpers and side rails a wide birth.

Some place along Hwy 111

Some place along Hwy 111


Bob Hope's house in Palm Springs Ca.

Bob Hope’s house in Palm Springs, Ca.

Wind turbins on hwy 111 outside Palm Springs Ca.

Wind turbins on hwy 111 outside Palm Springs Ca.

I was going to take I-10 back once we reached it but decided to double back and I’m glad we did because it put us on a different one way street that turned out to be the REAL down town Palm Springs where the Marilyn Monroe statue is located.

Marilyn Monroe's statue in Palm Spring's

Marilyn Monroe’s statue in Palm Spring’s

After our road trip we dropped Jack off and headed to Win-co for some much needed grocery shopping. There wasn’t much in the Quartzsite area to be had.

After shopping we headed home and had a light dinner and then I headed to the hot tub for a while.

Friday Jan. 4th we decided would be a good day to take Pickle Ball lessons!! We have never even seen a pickle ball court before none less play the game. Pickle ball is a good mix between tennis and ping pong with a couple different rules tossed in and played on a court that is about half the size of a tennis court.

So at 9am we headed over and met up with roughly 12 other people plus a couple people to teach us the fine art.

I have to say that we really had a good time. We played for about 3 hours in the morning session and then went back over at 3pm and played about 3 more games. After resting between the morning session and the afternoon I knew I was going to be in some pain,, I sure started to stiffen up so I decided to jump on the bike for a short ride to stay limber.

I had only ridden for maybe 5 min. when I saw one of my Pickle Ball partners doing a darn good Paul Revere imitation except he was waving a bottle of beer back and forth instead of a lantern LOL!! Well that beer caught my attention better than any old lantern would have.

We sat there and shot the bull for a while until we saw a guy named Günter ( another partner/ opponite from the morning session) ride his bike over towards the Pickle Ball court. At that time we knew it was time for our afternoon games so I rode to the motor home to fetch Diane and headed to the courts.

I’m pretty new to this kicked back life style and I think most of the people out here have had a lot more time to practice at this life style than me because I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person out there and I bet I’m the most sore after playing all day LOL!! There is something wrong with that picture. Diane said it didn’t bother her but I watched her from the corner of my eye’s and noticed she looked a little slow getting out of her chair LOL!!! But we won’t mention that,,, OH WAIT!!! I guess I just did LOL!!

I’m thinking Saturday will be filled with something less physical like playing pool or hot tubing.

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