New Years and moving on to Indio Ca.

OK,,, 2012 is behind us. Like most it had it’s good and bad times. The worst for me was the experiences at work. But I guess it all led to the silver lining as they say. The silver lining being the fulltime RV life we are leading now.

Our New Years was pretty uneventful. We decided to just hang out in our spot in the desert and watch TV. We didn’t even make it to midnight

I did decide to put a new rum I picked up to a taste test against my all time favorite,, Captain Morgan Tattoo. The new rum I found is also a Captain Morgan rum called Black.

The taste off!!

The taste off!!

After some serious testing I’m happy to announce the winner……. My old favorite Tattoo is still my favorite!!!

New Years day we packed up camp and headed to Indio California where we had reservations at Indian Waters RV Resort for 2 weeks.

It was a 120 mile drive I think so not bad. We jumped on I-10 in Quartzsite and took it all the way. The address I had didn’t jive with the real address of the RV park I guess because the gps took us to a cemetery as our final destination. We are not ready for that final of a destination so we continued down the road until we luckily found a wide spot where I could pull a U turn. I then found the park on my smart phone and found our way with ease.

After checking in our escort guided us to our spot. When we pulled up it turned out there was a good sized new years day party going on. So our guide had them move about 4 cars that were parked in the road.

Of course I jumped out and told the group of roughly 30 to 40 people to watch out,,, trouble has arrived. To which they replied,,,, we will be watching you back in LOL!!!! From the number of boxes and bottles of wine and whatever I saw sitting around I thought this should be good.

And of course the site was a back in on the passenger side. Plus the pad was a squared spot,, no angle and it dropped down roughly 2 feet so it was a bit harder to see. Top that off with a stake in the ground protecting a valve box that would be on my blind drivers side corner…. perfect!!!

I joked and said this was the largest crowd I had been able to perform in front of so far and that that little stake would be the softest thing I ever hit if I hit it. That of course got most of the guys out of there chairs and some of the ladies LOL!! Lucky for me our escort did a great job and I landed in our spot the first shot. No jockying at all. That brought a small round of applause. I’m just darn glad I didn’t drink more rum the night before!!! But to be honest the spots are pretty wide.

Here is a picture of the group after they went on with there biz and we had settled in.

The group that watched us back into our spot

The group that watched us back into our spot

This is a good place to settle in for a couple weeks. It has 2 pools, hot tub, shuffle board,, pickle ball courts,, weight room and a billiards room. They also have a number of planned events every day.

Today after attending a bazaar and a BBQ here at the park we loaded up and went for a drive to check out the area. It seems Indio, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Thousand Palms are all pretty much grouped in this area. We only made it to La Quinta and Indian Wells today and didn’t really see much of those two area’s. But we did get the jeep washed. It sure needed it after our stay in the desert. Every time we wanted to swing in and check out an area it seemed we ran into a guarded locked gate. Everybody lives behind locked gates around here. What’s with that?? Is the crime that bad here??

I think we will turn our sight seeing more towards hiking trails and jeep trails while we are here.

But I have to add that the weather is great!! I think it was 73 today and is supposed to get warmer as the week goes on!!! Now this is what I’m talking about for January.

Kicking back at Indian Waters in Indio

Kicking back at Indian Waters

And remember,,,,


Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
Will Rogers

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