Dry camping outside Quartzsite for solar test

Thursday 12-20-12

After leaving Quail Run we took the RV over to Discount Solar in Quartzsite. We dropped it off at 9am and they had it all done by 2.While it was in the shop we spent some more time at the park with Jack and did some more driving in the desert.

After picking the rig up we headed straight for the desert for a little dry camping to check out how well the solar worked.

I must say it is great. This is our 3rd night out here and I ran the generator for about 30 min one morning while making breakfast but I really didn’t need to.

This morning it was 50 degree’s in the RV when I got out of bed at 6:30 (we don’t run the heat at night) so I turned on the furnace,, made coffee,, charged all of or electronic stuff,, watched a little TV,,, well you get it,,, all the basics,, and we have not ran the generator at all and probably won’t need to again tonight.

We did take a jeep run again today and ran across another old shack.

Another old shack we ran across on a jeep run

Another old shack we ran across on a jeep run

It’s so enjoyable that we intended to spend 2 nights in the desert and tonight makes 3 and we are talking about staying yet another night tomorrow LOL!! I must say it’s the largest camp spot we have had since we hit the road LOL!!! Nobody within a quarter mile at least.  Thats us off in the distance.

Our camping spot in the desert outside Quartzsite

Our camping spot in the desert outside Quartzsite

Another nice sunset from our camp spot outside Quartzsite

The days have been sunny but cool and yesterday the wind blew all day!!! In fact we didn’t leave camp all day yesterday.

I talked with Davis Cabinets again about installing the MCD shades in Indio Ca. We will roll in probably on Jan. 7th and stay for a week. There is a FMCA RV rally going during that time so we will probably attend that while we are there. And Indio is in a happening area so it should be fun.

We would probably stay in that area longer but we have other plans. We need to head back to Quartzsite for it’s big RV event and go camping with a few other Tiffin owners. Then we will head to Yuma for a couple weeks.

Well,,, Christmas is right around the corner and in case I don’t do another update before then…………………..

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

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