Quartzsite part 1

Since our last check in we have wandered around Quartzsite taking in what it has to offer.

We have poked around in the other RV parks for fun and I think Quail Run is one of the best if not the best. Diane read that there are 60+ RV parks here!! That’s crazy for a town with a population of less than 4000. The park we are in now is less than 50% full right now but they told us they would be 100% full in January during the Outdoor and RV even.

And we have taken a couple jeep runs out in the desert.

Along a trail by Dome Rock outside of Quartzsite

Along a trail by Dome Rock outside of Quartzsite

We have taken Jack over to the city park a couple times for some obedience training and fun time. He sure likes it when we find a little grass to play in.

Diane and Jack playing

Diane and Jack playing


Ohh I'm a happy dog!!! We found grass!!!!!

OHHH I’m a happy dog!!! We found grass!!

We have visited the street vendors that are set up. There are a fair amount of them but nothing like what it will be when we come back in January I’m told.And we have gone out to dinner a couple times. Last night we found a restaurant that had the most cars and went there figuring the full parking lot was a good indicator. And it was pretty good. Diane had the fish n chips special and I had liver and onions. Both were good.

Yesterday morning I got a call saying that our new batteries were in!! I opted to have them do the install so I drove the mile to there shop for the switch out. It took them about 45 minutes. Look how much taller the new batteries are. It’s pretty full in the compartment now.

The old 6volt batteries

The old 6volt batteries


Our new Lifeline 6CT 6 volt batteries

Our new Lifeline 6CT 6volt batteries.

While I took care of the batteries Diane took the jeep and Jack and went to the park to play. I’m not sure what else she did but when she got back home the jeep was pretty muddy!!! She just smiled when I asked her about it. MUD you ask??!! Yep,,, it poured down rain the night before. I thought we was back in Oregon for a while. In fact it’s raining again this morning. Maybe it’s time to check the weather map and move on.

In our last post I made comment about the dog policies here and how we didn’t fit the rule. Well let me tell ya,, I feel a lot better now because another rule that ever park has is the leash rule. And I am amazed at how many people do not pay attention to it. I have seen more dogs running around off leash and there are a few that I’ve seen where there owners have no control over the dog if it wants to run off on it’s own. Oh well,, I’m sure we will see a lot of this as we travel around. We will just do our best to make it NOT be our problem.

I’m not sure what we will do toady. We had planned to do some hiking but if the rain does not let up it might turn into another day of trail rides in the jeep which is ok with me.

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