Summing up our stay at Lake Havasu state park

Let me sum up the days since my last update. The weather has just been great. Lots of sun and warm every day.

Most days we get up,, have breakfast,, go for a good walk around the campground and along the lake,, kick back and enjoy the sun and scenery,, do more walking around,, go for bike rides,, chat with who ever happens by,,, have dinner,,, watch the sunset,,, well you get the idea LOL!!!

Things we have tossed in the mix. Well we went out for a great Italian dinner at Mario’s one evening. We drove around town checking out the sights,, we checked out a couple of the expensive high end RV parks in the area,, and let me tell you that the spot we have along the lake for less than half the price of those high end places fits us just fine. This is right down our alley.

Diane was looking for more warm weather cloths so we hit a couple malls one day. And we went back down and walked around the London Bridge area again.

Sunday we decided to get on the ferry and ride across the lake to the casino for lunch and a little gaming. This time it was my turn to have the luck. Diane went through $40 and I turned my 1st $20 into $130. So after the money invested,, lunch and the ferry ride tickets we ended up $46 ahead for the day. Maybe that will pay for the extra diesel we burned by having to run the generator a little extra because of the bad batteries LOL!!! That’s the way I’m going to look at it anyway.

Our Ferry boat on Lake Havasu

Our Ferry boat on Lake Havasu

After our casino outing we jumped back on the ferry and headed home. Diane grabbed Jack and wanted to walk the trail again,, I didn’t feel much like a walk so I jumped on the bike and rode a mile up the road to the end of the trail where they came out. They returned home via the trail and I rode the one mile back on the road. (no bikes allowed on the trail)

It was pretty windy Sunday afternoon. The entire week has been pretty calm until now. So after the walk and bike ride we watched the sunset and went inside to watch a Lucy Ball movie (The long Trailer)

Monday will be our last day in Lake Havasu City. I expect I will finalize arranging new batteries for when we get to Quartzite Tuesday. Plus we have a couple windows in the RV that have been fogging up for some time now. So I contacted Tiffin and they tried to call us Friday about replacement windows but I missed the call. I think they will be covered under warrantee. There shop is in Alabama so we will try to push off the appointment until sometime in June. It will probably take us that long to work our way there. We don’t want to just rush to Alabama and miss a bunch of stuff along the way.

Well that’s it. We have certainly enjoyed our stay here. And we have now been on the road a little over 3 weeks. I asked Diane if our travels continued at a pace like we have had so far if she would enjoy a year or more of fulltime Rving,,, her answer was yes. And I would have to agree.

The next update will be coming from Quartzite I’m sure.

“I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.”-Richard Bach

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