Lake Havasu City, first days

Wed. Dec. 5th we packed up and left Bullhead City and headed to Lake Havasu. Another pretty short travel day but that’s OK. As long as we keep moving,, seeing new things and stay in weather with blue skies and temps in the mid 70’s to 80 I won’t complain. Besides, in Nov, we really ate up the fuel between going to Portland then back to Grants Pass and then working our way south. A smaller fuel bill in Dec. would be ok LOL!!

We headed to a state park with no hookups.

Our camping spot in Lake Havasu State Park #10

Our camp spot at Lake Havasu State Park #10


A sunset from our spot in Lake Havasu State Park

A sunset from our spot in Lake Havasu State Park

I knew after dry camping in Death Valley that we should have held off on dry camping until I switched out the house batteries!! But OHHHHH NOOOOOO,,, we can make do for another stopover before we find the batteries. And this is a great spot right on the lake and it’s right in our path and it’s pretty empty,, and the weather is sooo nice and and and LOL!!!

We had been on full hookups for a week and the batteries have just been float charging so I know they are charged the best they could be anyway. So we had reservations at Lake Havasu State Park for 3 night. We pulled in and set up,, all good. We took Steve and Diane’s advice and reserved site #10 on the lake,, a great spot. It’s so good in fact that I went up and paid for a extra 3 nights making it a total of 6.

The inverter was turned off,, nothing running so we took off to drive around town and came back to camp,,, batteries still showed good as they should. So we spent some time outside until sunset and came inside. Batteries still showed good. Time to have some dinner so I turned on the genny for about 20 min while Diane used the microwave for about 2 min.

After dinner it was time for some TV so I turned on the inverter let the satellite antenna do it’s search thing and got things going and BAM the low battery beeper goes off!! crud,,,. So I turned the genny back on and we watched tv for about an hour then turned the TV off and let the genny run another 1/2 hour I guess before heading to bed.

Thursday Dec. 6th

.. So I got up this morning and only used one LED light for about a half hour and decided it was time for coffee so I turned on the inverter and hit the genny button only to find that the batteries were so low it wouldn’t start. That’s pretty pathetic!! So I had to fire up the motor home so I could start the generator. It took 2 hours for the batteries to switch to float charge.
We planned to stop in Parker to dry camp for a few days before heading to Quartziite where we will by 4 new Lifeline batteries but maybe we will head straight there from here. It’s amazing that in a town the size of Lake Havasu no body has Lifeline batteries,,, according to Lifeline themselves.
Oh well,,,, remember the good old tents days,,,, things could be worse LOL!!!

But this is such a great spot on the lake that we will not let the batteries dampen our stay here.

But the day got better. After breakfast we took a walk down to a attached park area to the campground. It has a sand beach and boat docks.

One of the beaches on Lake Havasu

One of the beaches on Lake Havasu

While we were there about 5 guys were out flying remote controlled airplanes so we found a bench and watched for about a hour I guess then found a walking trail along the lake and headed back to camp where we kicked back on the lawn chairs and admired the lake for a while.


Then it was time for lunch,, mmmm cheese melt sandwiches.

After lunch we decided we would play pinnochle which we quickly realized we had forgotten how to play!!!! We fumbled through a few hands and decided going down to see the London Bridge would be a better idea LOL!!!!

London Bridge in Lake Havasu

London Bridge in Lake Havasu

After our visit to London Bridge we drove through old town and headed back home. We went for another walk,,, had a BBQ and retired inside for a little TV.

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