Final days in Bullhead City

Sunday Dec. 2nd

,,, what can I say. It was a day of watching football,, HOW ABOUT THOSE CHIEFS!!! They finally won there 2nd game of the season LOL!!! And how about the last second win by the Colts!!! It had me on my feet.

We also took a couple walks around the campground and tinkered outside on a couple little projects but nothing real exciting.

Monday Dec. 3rd first thing,,, well about 9:30,, we took Jack and headed to a walking trail along the river we heard about. It wasn’t a very long trail but it was located along a nice sports park with numerous basketball courts and baseball fields. Pretty darn nice for the area I thought. It also gave us a nice grassy area to play in and to spend a little time working with Jack on commands. Having to keep him on lead so much in parks I don’t want him to forget how to behave off lead.

The River Walk in Bullhead City AZ

The river walk in Bullhead City Arizona

After our time at the River Walk it was time to head to Oatman. About a 30 mile drive to a neat old town with wooden boardwalks and a few shops. But I think the main attractions are the burrows that roam freely throughout the town.

Oatman Arizona

Oatman Arizona

IMG_3326We bought a couple bags of burrow food for $1 (chunks of compressed alfalfa shaped like briquettes) and walked the streets. It was funny,, when a burrow would hear the sound of one of those bags crumple it would hurry right to you expecting food.

We wondered through town for a while watching and feeding the burrows along with popping in and out of a few shops along the boardwalk.

On the way back to the jeep we happened across a couple large turtles in a pen. I will have to say that these two turtles were the most active pair I have ever seen. I had a good time watching them.


Then we jumped in the jeep and headed back. Now along the way we noticed that a section of Route 66 connected with the road we were on so we branched off and drove it for a few miles because,,,, well just because we could LOL!!

Route 66 just outside Oatman Arizona

Route 66 just outside Oatman Arizona

Diane wasn’t feeling well all day. She was pretty slow from the very start at the River Walk but she still wanted to spend the day out and about so she hung in there like a trouper. She was blaming in on all the meat we ate a couple days ago at the All You Could Eat Ribs & Chicken. Well ok,, maybe I could see that LOL!!

Regardless, we figured we had a pretty good day so we headed home in hope that the fabric samples from MCD Shades had arrived so we could pick our colors and get them ordered up with Davis Cabinets. But no such luck. I sure hope they show up Tuesday because we head out Wed. morning towards Lake Havasu State Park.

Tuesday Dec. 4th

we didn’t plan to do much. We did want to go to Wal-Mart and buy some groceries before we headed to Lake Havasu on Wed.

So we headed that way. BUT before we got there we stopped at a shop that had a sign out front stating they had Tempurpedic mattresses at 50% off.

While at the sticks and bricks we had a Temurpedic and Diane loved it. And every since we started living in the RV she has been talking about a new mattress. Sooooo,, guess what,,, we bought a new mattress. They was able to deliver it pretty much right away so we bypassed Wal-Mart and headed back to the RV to wait for the delivery.

While waiting for the mattress I went down to check the mail and the MCD samples showed,,, GREAT!!!! So we made our selection on color and called Davis Cabinets in Eugene and placed our order. We will hook up with them in Indio in January for a install.

One thing about ordering from Davis Cabinets is we didn’t have to pay sales tax!!!! I’ll tell you what,,,, every since we left Oregon it has driven me crazy paying sales tax!!!! And then when a state has a sales tax and towns within a state can even have a higher sales tax it just makes NO sense to me. I guess I better get used to it or head back to Oregon.

Anyway,, the day is pretty much over. And tomorrow we will pull up stakes and head towards Lake Havasu for at least a few days.

Ognore those underlined areas… I don’t know what I did and I can’t get rid of them!!! I told you I wasn’t very good at this stuff LOL!!

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One Response to Final days in Bullhead City

  1. Bob Palmer says:

    Hi Dave
    Nice to see you two are out there having fun and exploring the southwest. Karen and I are looking at coming out to Quartsite in February. Karen mentioned you have Indio on your map. Let us know when your going to be there. We would love to come out and see you guys. We were just reading about some hiking trails on the east end of Palm Springs. There is a natural oasis out there. The negative they do not allow dogs. Howard and Linda posted some pictures. Have fun in Havasue! Keep up the posts. Bob & Karen

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