Our Tourist day

Saturday morning we decided it was going to be a touristy type day.

So we had breakfast and took Jack for a extra long walk because it was a day he would have to stay home while we went to town.

Diane saw a outlet mall the other day so we headed back over to Laughlin and hit almost every store in the mall,,, of course we came out empty handed.

Then it was off to a classic car showroom in one of the casino’s. They had a pretty good small display of classic cars and bikes as well as antique slot machines. I think Diane found the slot machines much more interesting than the cars.

It was a pretty short day of shopping and sight seeing and we were headed back home for a late lunch.

We knew we would have to hit the casino night life at least one evening while in the area so Saturday night was it!!

We headed back over to Laughlin for some gaming and food. It only took us a couple hours to figure out that lady luck was not on our side so we headed to a restaurant in the casino that had all you could eat chicken and ribs for $11.99 if you held one of there players cards. The rib’s were pretty good but the chicken was dry. Good thing they really slopped on the bbq sauce.

We ate our first plate and both ordered up a second half rack of ribs. They brought us each a rack!! We put a pretty darn good dent in it but could not finish them off. But there was a pretty good pile of bones when all was said and done. I guess because we both had another one of those yogurt and granola lunches we were up to a bunch of meat for dinner lol!!

After dinner went spent a short time more on the casino floor and then headed home.

Diane had pretty good luck but I was the one loosing. For fun we tallied things up and figured we only lost about $10 after close to 3 hours of gambling. I think we made that up at the dinner table LOL!!!

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