A hike in Grapevine Canyon

Friday,, the last day of November!! Dec. is about here!! And I’m still running around in shorts and tee shirt!!!! Yip Yip Yipeeeee!!!

Today we decided to head out to Grapevine Canyon. It is back across the Colorado river and about 10 miles into Nevada. Then a pretty short drive on a dirt road to the trail head.

From the parking area it was a short and easy hike to the beginning of a canyon where many petroglyphs could be found.

Grapevine Canyon outside of Laughlin Nevada

Grapevine Canyon outside of Laughlin Nevada

We wanderer around for a while at the beginning of the canyon and then headed in deeper. It was still a pretty easy trail. Getting narrow in some places and very few boulders to get over until we came to a pretty tall slick rock type area. And wouldn’t ya know it,,, Diane didn’t wear the proper hiking shoes to really go any further that direction safely.

So we turned around and headed back out to the mouth of the canyon and then skirted around another way. This way was also pretty easy. Mainly a trail uphill with a few boulders to climb, but not many. We walked probably ½ mile that direction and headed back down again and back to the jeep. I suppose the total hike was about 2 miles.

Hiking Grapevine Canyon outside Laughlin Nevada

Hiking Grapevine Canyon outside Laughlin Nevada


On the way back to the jeep Diane told Jack to take us home,,,, so we just followed him and watched him take every turn that we took going in. Diane decided we would call him Tracker Jack from here on LOL!! 

Back at the jeep we ate part of our sack lunch and decided to head to Lake Mohave and the Davis Dam.

Davis Dam

Davis Dam

At the Dam we took a short walk along a trail and read all of the info stations. Admired the clear clear water and then jumped back in the jeep to drive along the lake. That was pretty un eventful so we found a spot along the Colorado River and ate the rest of our sacked lunch before heading back home.

That was pretty much it other than barbequing up some salmon for dinner and kicking back.

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One Response to A hike in Grapevine Canyon

  1. Lar says:

    Sounds fabulous, so glad you guys are out of all this damn rain we are having here at home. Diane’s shoes, what about “Tracker Jack” ? Did he have the proper shoes on? I’m sure Dave could have made it barefoot, LOL.
    Have fun, lar

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