first day in Bullhead City

Thursday was our first full day in Bullhead City and a great weather day it was,, 75 and sunny! So we decided to scout out the area a little. We drove through town and scooped out a couple restaurants we may want to visit. Spotted a shopping area that looked interesting, made out first visit every to a Sam’s Club. We figured because we will be spending time in the south and then head east we may as well sign up at a Sam’s Club for some of our major shopping. I guess they are competitors to our Costco’s in Oregon but after our first shopping experience I would say they don’t hold a candle to Costco. Maybe each store is different and ones in the future will be better.

While driving through Laughlin Friday we noticed a sign advertising a community of homes with attached RV garages. Now I now a lot of people don’t get excited about touring housing developments but I will have to admit that Diane and I do. Partly because we both figure we will be living in a sticks and bricks home again sometime in the future and when we do we want to build a small house with a RV garage attached. So I’m sure we will visit more while on the road and will be taking notes.

It was a pretty mellow day. After a while we headed home,, had some dinner,, watched TV and called it a night.

An interesting note,,, after being in bed for a while Diane made a comment that I just made the top 10,,,, now I know what your thinking and I wish it was true but because nothing happened I can only imagine that I made the top 10 because of the fajita’s I had for lunch LOL!!! But a win IS a win.

Friday we plan to head out to Lake Mohave and the Davis Dam. And maybe out to Grape Vine Canyon for a hike. We are told there are some petroglyphs to be seen.

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One Response to first day in Bullhead City

  1. Deas Nealy says:

    Nope. Costco slams Sams. You just cannot get the Walmart out of Sams!

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