Pahrump Nevada

Nope,,, I have not forgotten about the blog LOL!!! But I think I mentioned before that if all we are doing is ,, in some sense of the phrase,, just living normal life days,, I wasn’t going to update with just a boring update.

Just because we have now chosen this new life style we still have the normal things to take care of such as laundry, grocery shopping, washing the jeep,, watching a little TV, house cleaning, grooming Jack ect.

And that’s pretty much what we have been doing. It’s just that we are doing it in a area that has had the bluest of blue skies every day!! And in temps that I call perfect,, in the 70’s with nothing but sun.

looking across the lake towards our RV site

Looking across the lake in Pahrump towards our camping spot.

Don’t get me wrong,,, Diane had a few little shops she wanted to visit,, so we did. And we have gone for numerous walks around the lake,, we have spent a lot of time playing board games,, puzzles and reading. Just relaxing.

And people watching. This park is a busy place. By 7 each morning the trails are filled with people out walking, fires are going, people are out making breakfast, all getting ready for another sunny day.

shot across the lake towards our RV spot

shot across the lake towards our RV spot


As far as Pahrump itself goes,, not a bunch going on. It is spread out for miles it seems. There are plenty of your basic shops,, Wal-Mart,, Depot,, grocery stores ect. There are a few small casino’s,, and by the empty retail spaces you can tell it has been hit by the economy like anywhere else.

Today we are going into a small museum that Diane read about and then on to a local park for a picnic. Let’s see,,, it’s Sunday,,, no reason to try and watch the Chiefs loose another game so a museum and park sounds great LOL!!

I think tomorrow we are headed to the golf course to at least hit a bucket of balls if not play a round. It’s at a country club so not sure what the rates are and we are not going to play if they are crazy high in price.

We are here through Tuesday night. Then I think we will head 150 miles south to Bullhead City and stay at a place called Silver View RV Resort. It sounds pretty nice and they are by the Colorado River and just across from Laughlin. Oh,, and the weather is supposed to be great there as well LOL!!!


Don’t take Life so seriously…..Relax , enjoy it….it’s not like your gonna get out of it alive!!!!!!

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