Echo Canyon, Badwater and The Devils Golf Course on Monday 11-19-2012

What a beautiful morning!! The sun was shining and it was warm. What more could a person ask for.

Well I do know one thing,,, better batteries and maybe a solar system on the RV. I guess I didn’t run the generator enough last night because when I woke this morning the batteries were dead. So no coffee for me until 7 when we could run the generator. That’s just wrong. Of course these batteries are 6 years old. Maybe it’s time for a upgrade. And I’m kicking myself in the ass for not doing solar like we talked about a couple months back. Oh well.

After breakfast we loaded up and headed out. Our first area of interest was Echo Canyon.

It was what they consider a jeep trail that took us from just below sea level to about 4500ft up what was at times a pretty narrow trail between towering walls. The trail was only about 10 miles before dead ending.At the end we decided to have a snack and let Jack out to take care of any business he may need to do. We wasn’t out of the jeep 2 minutes before Diane spotted a tarantula!

Tarantula at the end of Echo Canyon in Death Valley

Tarantula at the end of Echo Canyon in Death Valley

It was just chillin in the sun on some rocks. We checked it out for a couple minutes,, had our snack and headed back down the road to Inyo mine.

Inyo mine on Echo Canyon in Death Valley

Inyo mine on Echo Canyon in Death Valley

This mine is not any maps that they hand out in Death Valley, nor was there anything posted about it at it’s location. It’s probably something that 95% of the people that visit Death Valley never see. Stuff like this is exactly why we brought the jeep!

It was pretty interesting after seeing the mining equipment at the Borax museum yesterday and then seeing some of the same items still set up at Inyo mine. You could really see how they were used.It was a pretty steep climb from where we parked to some old mine shafts. But once at the top it was pretty cool.We checked everything out up top then headed back to the jeep for some lunch and then headed out of the canyon.

Once out of Echo Canyon we headed to Radiske View and then to Bad Water. The lowest point in the United States at 282ft below sea level. You might say it was the lowest point of our day LOL!!! Sorry,, it just had to be said and I couldn’t resist.

Badwater area in Death Valley

Badwater area in Death Valley

While at Bad Water the sun dropped behind Telescope Peak. The tallest peak in Death Valley. But we figured we had time for one more point of interest before heading home (home is where we park it) so we headed to Devils Golf Course.

Devils Golf Course in Death Valley

Diane say’s bring on the Devils Gold Course!!

Devils Golf Course

The landscape at Devils Golf Course looks like a coral reef run amuck. The lumpy salt pinnacles are the residue of a huge lake that evaporated 2000 years ago.

We figured that was enough for today so we went back to the RV and had some dinner.After dinner we went for our evening walk,,, again mainly for Jack. It was well after dark and the coyote’s seemed to have us surrounded!!!. There were yipps all over the place. Pretty neat stuff.

Tomorrow will be our last day inside Death Valley and we have our day planned out.

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