Hawthorne Nv. to Beatty Nv.

Thursday we left Hawthorne Nv. And continued on down high
way 95 to Beatty Nv. Man,, there are some long straight roads out there with some very run down nothing towns very far apart.
A few years ago we did a motorcycle trip and went on the Extraterrestrial Highway . That highway as well as highway 95 lead us through Tonopah. I guess when they developed Tonopah they did it with being in the middle of no where in mind LOL!!
We arrived at Beatty RV Park around 1pm. It is just 3 miles before hitting the town of Beatty.
After setting up camp we had some lunch and with a little time left before the sun went down we headed off for a short tour of town.
We went to Rhyolite,, a small ghost town that reached it’s peak in 1907 with about 10,000 people. The town was built around the Montgomery mine that went belly up after 11 years.
After the ghost town we headed down for a fast peak at Death Valley. We wanted to check out a couple camping areas before taking the motor home down in probably Sunday. Had we known,, we would have just spent one night in Beatty and drove the RV down today. Pretty much everything that has full hookups is reserved so we will probably go to the dry camping spots at Furnace Creek.
By the time we drove to Furnace Creek and then over to Stovepipe it was already dark so we headed back to Beatty (only about a 30 mile drive from Stovepipe but all up hill LOL!!). It was getting late so we just stopped at the Subway for a sandwich and also the Death Valley Candy and Nut shop. I can’t think of the last time I saw some of the candy they had for sale LOL!!
Today we will pack up a lunch and drive back into Death Valley and spend the entire day. I think we will hit Scotty’s Castle and Diane said she has picked out a dirt road that leads down a canyon to another ghost town that SHOULD take us close to Scotty’s Castle. I’m thinking I better top off with fuel LOL!!
I took,,, well I thought I took pictures yesterday but for some reason none showed up when we got back last night. I think the disk was to full so no pictures this time. Good thing we are just starting our Death Valley adventure when I found the problem instead at the end of it LOL!!

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