Travel Day from Boarder Town to Hawthorne Nv.

Another good day of travel. And a shorter day to boot.
We woke up to a very cool morning in Border Town NV. this morning. But the sun came out and the sky was pure blue.
We had breakfast and went for a short walk before heading out for our close to 200 mile drive to Hawthorne NV.
We took 395 to I80 to 95S. Leaving at 9:30 was perfect for getting through the Reno area. And there was no rush at all knowing we were going to hold up in Hawthorne making it a short travel day. I think we pulled in around 12. It was nice and warm. I almost put on shorts but just didn’t seem to get around to it.
Ya know,, most of my RV driving has been in the mountains so getting into some rolling and flat land sure was a nice treat.
We are staying at Whiskey Flat PV park. The park was pretty empty when we pulled in but is about half full tonight.
As we were setting up I kept hearing a loud BOOM off in the distance. So after we got all comfortable I went to the office to ask a few questions.
#1,, what are the large about of big building we saw in a distance while coming into town (answer) They were used as ammunition storage buildings.
#2,, what is that BOOM I hear (answer) They are exploding unused ammo about 30 miles outside of town.
#3,,, where is a good place to eat in town (answer) well it doesn’t matter,, we just went and had pizza LOL!!
Just north oh Hawthorn NV. on I95 South

Campsite at Whiskey Flat Campground

Capsite at Whiskey Flat Campground

Amunition storage buildings outside Hawthorn NV.

Ammo storage buildings outside Hawthorne Nv.

We did take a drive through town. Not a bunch here. There is a casino but with having the memory of the smoke filled casino from last night so fresh in my mind we figured we would pass on that.
We also went for a short walk around the area that I think used to be filled with housing for the military. It’s all flat now with only a few traces of what once was.
Tomorrow we will hit the road again and head to Beatty Nv. I made reservation at Beatty RV Park for 2 nights. It is the closest RV park to Death Valley without being IN Death Valley. I figure that will give us time to drive into Death Valley and check out the area and with luck find a good place to camp for maybe a week. We will see how that works with Thanksgiving holiday upon us.
After tomorrow it will be time to slow the pace and start staying put for a few days at a time so we can explore.

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2 Responses to Travel Day from Boarder Town to Hawthorne Nv.

  1. Lar says:

    Glad to hear the run has started off so well, those ammo storage buildings are kind of interesting. Why don’t they just make a run over to the Aphganistan and Iracky deserts and blow that old ammo? Will you be able to stop at Scottys Castle in Death Valley? Safe travels. Lar

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yep,, we certainly plan to see Scottys Castle. I think we will spend at least a week around the Death Valley area so should be able to take in a bunch of it. And if a week isn’t long enough we can just stay longer. Thats the great thing about this new life style LOL!!

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