First Day on the road

Wed. was our day to finally hit the road. I had hopped to be off by 9 but we didn’t leave until 10.
We had talked about just driving to Susanville or first night so the late departure didn’t bother me however the weather was so nice and I was extra up for a drive that we kept going until reached here (Border Town Nevada) where we stayed the night at the Border Town RV Park.
Between motorcycle rides and traveling the roads from McCloud to Reno I have been over it more than 50 times I’m sure but have always loved the stretch between McCloud and Susanville. However yesterdays drive had a special feel to it all it’s own. I wonder why LOL!!!
There is a casino within walking distance to the RV park, and while checking in I was informed it was Prime Rib night, so after settling in I asked Diane if she wanted to walk over. But she had no interest. She wanted to just have our leftovers from the night before and kick back. So be it.
After dinner I decided to at least check the place out so I walked over,,, made my deposit to the state of Nevada and came on home LOL!!
Dang,, I was only in that place maybe a hour and my cloths were full of cigarette smoke!!
Today I think our plan is to head over to Fallon and go south on 95. I researched and found a BLM camping area about 20 miles north of Hawthorn that we might check out. It is supposed to be on a lake. However it got down to 29 degrees last night so we may just go on to a campground called Whiskey Flat in Hawthorn where they have full hookups instead of running the generator all night to keep warm.
I checked the weather in Death Valley and it is supposed to be in the high 70’s and low 80’s while we are in the area!!! Looking forward to that.

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