Just a wake up now!!!

This is just a fast check in.
Our new recliner was delivered and it is filling the bill just fine. And we had a great dinner Sunday night with friends as we knew we would.
Monday was pretty un eventful. The big thing Monday was a bath for Jack. He is now all clean and smelling good for the road.And today we took Diane’s car to storage and had another dinner with friends.
I think I have gained 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks with all of the eating out we have done.
The day has finally come. It’s just a wake up now before we hit the road!! I’m hoping to be on the road around 9:30. Looking at the weather and road conditions we should be able to head down I-5 to Mt Shasta and then head to Susanville. If we make good time I would like to make it to Border Town just before Reno but that may not happen. I’m thinking a sleep over in the Walmart parking lot in Susanville might be in order LOL!!
From there we will head to Fallon and take 95 south towards Beatty Nev. We are not looking to do any sight seeing until we get to the Death Valley area where we will slow the pace and start enjoying our new adventure. .

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6 Responses to Just a wake up now!!!

  1. Lela says:

    You should be able to make Bordertown no problem. We just did that trip from Crescent City through Grants Pass in August, however, we stayed at Bordertown on the way up and went the extra approximately 20 miles and stayed at Gold Ranch RV park in Verdi on the way back. The view was much nicer at Gold Ranch and the price was cheaper too. Bordertown is very tight on the drives into the spaces. We will be in Vegas Sunday through Thursday. Let us know if you are headed that way. We are currently back and forth between Vegas and So. Utah Leedhambaja@cox.net

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hello Lela
      Thanks for the post,,, I’m sorry I didn’t see it until now and we are already in Bordertown RV Park. It’s fine for a night, I will keep your suggestion in mind for the future. And if we are in the Vegas area I will certainly let you know.

  2. Lela says:

    Ok so my first post disappeared since I put the wrong email address. We have been following your posts on the Tiffin Forum and RV-Dreams too. We just did that same route and came from Crescent City through Grants Pass into Reno. it was a long day but not horrible. We actually stayed at Bordertown on the way up but went the extra approximately 20 miles to Gold Ranch RV in Verdi on the return trip. The views at Gold Ranch were beautiful and the spaces were a lot easier to get into, I think the prices were better too and they give you coupons 2 for 1at the restaurant there. We are currently back and forth between Vegas and So. Utah so if you get down towards Vegas, maybe we can meet up. We should also be at Quarzsite around the same time. We are not quite full time as our mountain property has a cabin on it lol..

  3. Congrats to you guys. It’s been a long time comming…and is here now. What fun you guys will have. We can’t wait for our time to go. 229 days for us.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Allen,, yep,, it seems like it took forever to get to this day. I must say that the drive today was like no other. And I mean that in a good way LOL!!
      Your day will be here before you know it.

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