The weather we are having while here in the Portland area sure reminds me of why we moved down to the Grants Pass area 14 yeas ago. It’s been pretty much solid rain. And of course with it being a large city the traffic is horrible and the rain mixed with the crazy drivers makes for a fun time. If it wasn’t for wanting to visit with family and friends on this trip we would be out of here. But it is supposed to dry up later today and be pretty dry until we leave on Tuesday.

While dumping the grey tank I noticed that we lost a hubcap on the front of the motor home. I assume I lost it on the drive from Harrisburg. I hate to think that it was stolen here at the park. I didn’t notice it while setting up but it was raining pretty good and I had my head down LOL. So I guess a trip to a Freightliner shop is in order while we are in a large market area. I suppose that will be a easy $50 to $75.

Wed. was used to take care of misc. biz we had to take care of. Nothing huge. And part of the day was spent driving around our old stomping grounds looking at the changes.
At one point I noticed a screw in Diane’s rear tire so a little side trip to Les Schwab was in order. By the time that was solved it was going on 6pm so we headed back to the RV, ate leftovers from our huge Italian dinner and spent the rest of the night kicking back.

Today (Thursday) Diane is going to spend with her mom. They have some things planned I guess. And I will go find a Freightliner shop and maybe run up the Columbia Gorge a ways. At this point with the rain coming down and the news showing all of the slow traffic out and about neither of us are moving to fast. LOL!!

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