10-30-12 Harrisburg to Troutdale Or.

Another rain filled day. When we woke up Tuesday and after breakfast Diane started stowing things inside and I unhooked everything outside except for power getting ready for our travel day to Troutdale.

The guy from Davis Cabinets was supposed to be at our spot at 9am to measure the windows for MCD shades but when I called him at 9:30 he was still at the shop. He showed up shortly after 10. After measuring and discussing options and cost we talked about timing. I told him we were going to be in Portland for a week and would be passing back through his area and if he could expedite the order we would stop in for a install. He said he would call MCD and see what he could do and went on his way.
About a hour past and I got a call about the shades,,, we could have the shades at his shop in time for a install on Wed. but freight was going to be $600!!!! To have them on Thursday was going to be $400!!!! Normal shipping is around $100 so we opted to hold and figure out a time to have it done down the road.

The rain wasn’t bad from Harrisburg to Salem but from Salem to Portland was simply a down pour. And of course traffic in the big city was heavy as normal. It was probably the worst driving conditions I have encountered in the motor home so far. But it handled well and we made it just fine. I’m thinking in the future we will just sit tight until we have better weather for travel days. I’m sure that will be much easier to do down south.

We pulled into the Sandy River RV park about 2 I guess. it’s a good spot for us to be while visiting family and friends this week. And the rain is supposed to let up Thursday and be ok through the weekend.

Jerry in the office here at the park was very informative on places in the area. He suggested a Italian restaurant called Ristorante Di Pompello. He said they have a 2 for $24 dinner meal that was great. So of course we went up there to eat. And as Jerry said,, it was a great deal!!! A appetizer,,, salad or soup,,, main dish and desert for $24 for 2 meals. And it was a lot of good food with great service.
While ordering Diane decided she wanted wine so I told her to pick it and order a bottle. As the waitress brought the wine she asked if I wanted a sample,, as she should when serving wine. But as I looked up and saw her UNSCREW THE CAP I said,, no thanks I’m sure it’s fine LOL!!! I can’t think of a time that we picked a wine that had a screw off cap in a restaurant LOL!!! Oh well,,, we are FAR from high class people anyway. I must say it was hard getting through that bottle but we did it with a bunch of sips of water to clean the pallet LOL!!!

We finished dinner and walked the streets of Troutdale for a few minutes window shopping because everything was closed by that time of night. Then made a stop at the grocery store and headed back to the RV for the evening.

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