OK,,, Things are still going pretty good. Thursday we had a little sun so I washed the trike and got it ready for storage. I’m sure going to miss it while we are on the road. But I just couldn’t find a good way to take it without feeling like we would just have to much to deal with being new fulltimers.

While putting it in storage I took a little time and put stable in the chainsaw and blower that is also in storage. I know most full timers do not agree with keeping things in storage but I stood back and added up what we have in there and felt confident that it IS the best thing for us.

Friday Diane took Jack in for his shots and had lunch with some ladies she used to work with while I had lunch with some friends at Tap Rock.

Saturday we spent a good part of the day planting some plants on the property. I just wanted to give them away but Diane was not going for it. We have given a ton of plants away but there was a few she just wanted to plant and hope for the best. So be it. It’s one I was NOT going to win.
Unfortunately while planting Diane got tangled up in some poison oak vines and has a bad case of it now on her arm and stomach.

Sunday we hooked up the jeep to the motor home and drove up to Harrisburg. Diane decided she wanted to take the Prius as well so we could visit family and friends at our own pace. So she followed along.
We had a appointment at Guaranty RV for Monday morning so we figured going up a day early would make it easier because it’s a 2 ½ hour drive from Grants Pass. So we stayed at River Bend RV Park Sunday night.
[caption id="attachment_77" align="aligncenter" width="300"] River Bend RV Resort

Monday morning we got up at 6 and was pulling out headed to Guaranty at 7:30. It did make it nice having the Prius while Guaranty had the jeep and motor home. They hooked up a Air Force One brake system, changed the air filter and did a chasses lube so they had it from 8 until 5.
Diane had a hair appointment and we went to a couple places to look at replacement shades for the RV. We have a guy coming out to measure Tuesday morning at 9 before we head out to Portland. We have been thinking about MCD shades. He is going to be in Indio from Dec. to March and we plan to be in that area late Jan. so we could get together for a install then if it’s something we decide on.

While at one of the shops looking at shades I sat in a recliner that caught my eye. A couple years back we spent some really good money on a Ekornes European type chair. I really liked it for a while but not so much now so I have been saying I’d like a new recliner. Especially now that we are full timers. The shop said we could leave the Ekornes with them on consignment if we buy a recliner but I’ll sleep on that.

Tuesday after we have the windows measured we will take off to Troutdale Oregon where we have reservations at the Sand River RV park from Tuesday to Tuesday.

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