A brief update.
So far things are still going pretty much as planned. I took the jeep in Monday and had a oil change and the tires rotated.
A new Trader Joes opened up in Medford last week so while in the area after the oil change we took a drive over to see what it was all about. I have always heard people talking about Trader Joes and there was huge talk about it during planning for years so I just had to see it. I had never been in a Trader Joes before. Even though it had been open for about a week and I went over on a week day it was very busy so we didn’t spend much time there.
Tuesday was a very lazy rainy day. The only thing on Tuesday was a dentist appointment for Diane and a short appointment for me. The day drove me crazy with the rain and me being so ready to just drive away. I’m sure Diane is about ready for some sun so she can just send me to the golf course or something LOL!!
Wed. was ok,, we had one last appointment with Edward Jones before we hit the road. And then had one last Dr. appointment for Diane. The meeting was to talk about the medication options for her. Diane had done a ton of research on her own about options available so she really had her mind made up before we even went in. But she did a very good job of asking questions that all seemed to back up her choice.
Last week I went in to order up a spare pair of glasses. I didn’t want to be on the road and have something happen to my current pair and have to deal with it on the road. I got the call that they are ready to be picked up. If we don’t get on the road soon I will just,,, little thing,, myself to death LOL!!
Here is a shot of a nice sunset that we see from our property while here.

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