Things are still moving along. The mornings have been full of fog and damp so we have been slow getting started each day. Wed. we started painting at about 1pm on a storage shed we built. We finished up around 6 I think. After selling all of my tools we had to paint with a brush and roller so it seemed to go very slow.
Thursday I had my last appointment with Jeff Gogue to finish my sleeve. 5 weeks ago I spent 5 hours in his chair and Thursday was another 4 hours. But it’s done and it’s another thing marked off of the list of things we had to get done before we hit the road.
Friday we got off to another late start painting on the well house. I ran into town for a couple tubes of caulking. And spent some time chewing the fat with some of my old crew. We used lap siding on the shed so I needed to caulk around the ends by the trim. After caulking we had to let it sit for about 2 hours before we could paint. After painting for about 4 hours it started to rain!!! We only had about 30 min.more work to do but had to call it a day because of the moisture. That’s ok,, we will have some dry weather before we hit the road so we can finish it up then.
Next week Diane has a haircut appointment Monday,, I have a appointment Tuesday afternoon,, Wed. we have a late morning meeting set up with Edward Jones and Diane has a Dr. appointment in the afternoon. Thursday is open at this point and I have lunch with the guys on Friday. Probably the last one before we hit the road.
The following week I have made a appointment with Guaranty RV in Eugene to have a Air Force One brake system installed on the motor home and jeep Monday the 29th. Then we will head up to Portland on Tuesday to visit with family and friends for a week. We plan to head back to Grants Pass on the 5th. At that point we will just watch the weather and hit the road south our first window of opportunity!! Then the adventure can begin.
I promise we will post more pictures when we hit the road. We only signed up for 4 gigs with Verizon and while we are parked on our land it is the only form of data we have so we are just squeaking by with the 4 gigs without sending a bunch of pictures. When we hit the road I hope to use some wifi hot spots at campgrounds.

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