Another week here in Grants Pass has almost past. Even though a good part of me wants to be on the road and put this town in our rear view mirror for a while I have to admit that being here on this chunk of land with 100% privacy and a great 360 degree view with the weather being fantastic and now not working giving us time to just do what ever we want when ever we want has been pretty darn good. Not to mention living cheap. But sitting here is not going to allow us to see the sights we want to see around the US. We should be well within 30 days of hitting the road now.
Diane made it home Tuesday from a good 4 day visit with family and friends in Portland. As I mentioned before we feel it’s important for her to spend time with family before we take off on the road.
I did pretty good job killing the week. The EMS system is now installed in the motor home and I had the recall work on the refer done. And I spent some time washing and waxing.
The shed over the holding tank is well under way also. This coming week we will throw a coat of paint on both sheds, spread a little more straw on some of the slopes and I think all we have to do then is lock all the gates, turn off the power and drive away as far as the property is concerned.
I did find time for a couple lunches with friends and time for 2 rounds of golf. It always seems just crazy that I can walk out on a nice golf course in this area and at times never hardly see another person. I’m pretty sure that will be one thing we miss while on the road.
Not many commitments left for us to do before hitting the road other than the painting. Diane has one more Dr appointment on the 24th and I have my last tattoo session scheduled on the 18th to finish my sleeve. And there is talk of putting one more poker game together before we leave. We have also procrastinated on starting our mail forwarding service. I think there are just to many options and we can’t make up our mind on which one to use. But we HAVE to take care of that this next week!!
Diane and I have been talking about throwing two BBQ’s also before we go. One for all my old employee’s and one for our friends. Both would be pretty large events so I’m not sure we can pull them off. Maybe this will be one of those… it’s the thought that counts,, things LOL!!

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