Another week has past. It seems we are really focusing on our departure date now. Trying to get the little,, well not so little,, things wrapped up.
Diane went in for her Dr. appointment. She has to go in for a few more blood tests next week. She has been diagnosed with osteoporosis and we need to get her medication figured out before we leave.
We also have a shed to build over our water holding tank and need to get it as well as our storage shed painted before we go. I’m leaving the color up to Diane. If and when we come off the road and build on this lot we will probably repaint them to match a house anyway.
I have sent in 3 requests for quotes on full timers insurance this weekend and should be getting some calls this coming week. Our regular motor home insurance with State Farm expires in late Dec. so we will probably make the switch then. The RV forums have been a great place to do my preliminary research.
We bought a new Craftsman compressor to take along with us to maintain PSI in our tires. I don’t want to worry about finding a place to get a 40’ RV into when needed at the spur of the moment. I ordered a good Milton inflator online to match up with the new compressor. I bought one with a 5’ hose so I can stand to the side of the MH tires while topping off. I have never had a tire blow while putting air in but I sure don’t want to have it happen while kneeling down next to a huge motor home tire!!
I have been researching Energy Management Systems (surge guards) for the motor home. I think I have made my choice so I just need to get it ordered up and installed.
We also had 4 yards of ¾ round rock delivered up to our pad this week. It created a nice patio for us until we leave.

We also started going paperless on everything. Still have some work to do there. When we start using the mail forwarding service we want to keep it as simple as possible.
My health insurance from work expired now so I decided to pay a month of cobra to give me a little more time to make sure I make the correct choice for ongoing insurance. I certainly don’t want to pay the cobra prices very long.
While sitting outside last night at dinner reality hit I think that we could be hitting the road in 30 to 45 days!!! Something we have talked about for years finally coming true.
It hasn’t all been work getting ready. We went to breakfast with Lee and Coleen Friday morning and I played a round of golf Saturday morning. Diane and I plan to go play another round on Monday. And today we plan to get a short motorcycle ride in.
I think my transition to not working has gone pretty well. I just have to learn that I don’t have to get everything done TODAY.

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