A real change has come!!

A nice spot we found on a short hike

 We headed up to Stewart State Park on Wed. the 5th and camped in the A loop until Sunday 9th. Had a great time!! Lee and Coleen camped the entire time with us and Jim and Iris stayed until Saturday.

 Had a fire every morning and evening,, ate way to much,, played games, rode bikes, went for walks, had some kick back time just really enjoted it.

Wed. was our anniversary and Saturday was Diane’s Birthday. It was a great way to spend them both.

Monday brought a different mood when my employers really started showing their true colors after 19 years. It’s unreal that a person can dedicate so much to a company and when you decide to make a change that does not fit in what THEY think a person strive for they turn on you. Keeping in mind that I had planned for a Nov. lay off we just moved things up a bit. Thursday the 13th was the last day for me at Diamond and today is the first day of a adventure we have talked about for years.

The property is really coming along. The upper section is fenced and we now have power. We had a excavator and a chipper up there for a week really clearing things out. It looks great!! I guess I should start figuring out how to post pictures in this thing LOL!!

Saturday we plan to start heading up to Harrisburg where we will attend a RV-Dreams rally. Really looking forward to it. I think we will drive up to 7 Feathers and dry camp Saturday night then head on up to the Rally. It does not start until Tuesday afternoon but we plan to hit Dick’s sporting goods and Fiddlers Green and maybe the mall before the rally. We have reservations until Sunday the 23rd.

I told Diane that now that I’m not working we can go where ever we want after the rally. But I don’t think that has sunk in yet with either of us. Plus we really do have a couple of things to take care of before hitting the road like mail forwarding and getting me some insurance and final touches on the property. I think our real goal of leaving in Nov. is still in place. None the less it’s time to start enjoying life a little and really throw caution to the wind.

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One Response to A real change has come!!

  1. Joan says:

    We left Florida March 2012 after getting rid of “stuff”. The plan is to work a little and travel. The advantage to staying awhile in one place is that you make friends and really get to know the area. We attended an RV-Dreams rally in 2011 and learned so much…enough in fact that we decided to hit the road sooner than planned. Have fun and enjoy your new freedom!

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