Sept 2nd

Another week has past and we are getting more excited to get on the road and move on with our fulltime life style.

It has been nice that I am down to 4 day weeks at work and I have some vacation time to burn before my end date comes around. So I have been using a day or two a month to cut the work week down to 3 days. Last week I worked 3 days and this week I only work 2. I”m sure someone will be saying something pretty soon. But I’m to the point that I don’t really care, and thats so sad after dedicating so many years to the company. Thats just another good reason to move on.

But we still sit at Jacks Landing. Good news however is that it seems we have gotten past the battle getting full power ran up to our property. And we have the fence going in around the upper section where we will park the motor home until we hit the road. It will also give us a nice spot to be if we come back to visit while fulltiming.

Thursday I had my long awaited for session with Jeff Gouge to work on my sleeve. We had 2 hours of drawing and 5 hours under the needle. Jeff is a world wide well known tattoo artist. It is a honor to have him do my sleeve. My next session is Oct. 18th. We hope to have it complete before we hit the road.

Only 2 days until we go camping with some great friends at Lost Creek. We are really looking forward to it. Then just one week until we go to River Bend RV Resort for the RV Dreams rally. When we come back from the rally I think we will be up on the new property.

We are still finding ourselves getting settled in the RV. We took a few more things that we originally put in the RV to storage. Freeing up a little more space. And we are looking at changing out the wall sconce shades in the front area to something a little softer to give a better home feeling.

We also ordered a sun screen that we will attach to our side awning. Thats something we have talked about doing for some time. It will arrive while we are camping this week.

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